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There is a rich history of diving in this area for a reason. We have some of the last untouched pieces of legitimate unwashed history right in our backyard. No matter where I’ve gone, I’ve never had the fulfillment that comes from diving in the Northeast U.S. It’s my hope that you add it to your list of considerations when choosing your next dive trip.

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Choosing a Closed Circuit Rebreather by Capt Tom McCarthy |   This article is intended to be a primer for those who are considering utilizing rebreathers in their diving. It takes a broad and pragmatic approach to selection and looks at all options objectively. It is not intended to be your only source of information when making a decision, but rather is a jump off point for you to begin your research. What is a rebreather? At its core it removes CO2 and adds oxygen to replace what your body burns up in the normal course of operating. It...

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