Reference RS

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Bonex Reference RS by Subgravity


Burn Time

Cruising Speed:

Up to 260 minutes (4.33 hours)

Top Speed:

Up to 105 minutes (1.75 hours)



The perfect combination of performance, ease of handling and stability. This flagship DPV, has been exceeding the expectations of demanding technical divers around the globe. The compact Reference RS is equipped with a unique emergency drive switch as a standard feature. The emergency drive switch is part of its own circuit which maintains drive operation in the event of an electronic failure. Cave divers, in particular, highly appreciate this safety feature.  The Reference RS is only 19 kg (42 lb) -including trim and battery. With a up to 210 minutes, this is our most popular scooter. This puts an end to strenuous equipment hauling, even for demanding dives and approaches.


Note: Special order, Non-refundable