For rebreather training please visit: 

East Coast Wreck Diving Training


SF2 Rebreather and rEvo Rebreather Instructor Captain Tom McCarthy and the crew of M/V Tempest are pleased to offer both Recreational and Technical SCUBA diving Instruction to all those interested.​

We offer the unique ability to package your open water dives with our charters.

You will also never have to cover your instructor's charter fees!

Whether it be Advanced Nitrox on the Oregon or Trimix on the Carolina. You're only responsible for your own spot.

Courses available include: 

  • Open Water through Dive Master and most specialties​ 
  • Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures
  • Advanced Recreational Trimix
  • Open Circuit Normoxic Trimix
  • Open Circuit Trimix
  • rEvo CCR Air Diluent 
  • SF2 Backmount CCR- Air Diluent
  • SF2 Sidemount CCR- Air Diluent 
  • CCR Trimix