Trilex XD

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Engineered and designed in Germany – the ScubaForce Trilex XD is a versatile and robust, individually configured, trilaminate drysuit created for the extreme technical diver.  The Trilex XD is our newest design.  Years of development and technical expertise, combined with the latest high-tech materials and construction, made it possible to develop the Trilex XD.  Unparalleled freedom of movement combined with low weight, make this drysuit especially suitable for extreme diving and 


840 Denier Trilaminate

The ScubaForce Trilex XD is comprised entirely of 840 denier Nylon with extensive Kevlar® overlays covering the high wear areas on both the upper and lower body.  It is characterized by an incredible range of motion, as well as, an extreme low weight compared to similar models;  while still ensuring maximum protection from the environment.  Consult with your local dealer to discuss the use of different combinations of materials if desired.


Kevlar® Protection System

Both the upper and lower body trilaminate are protected by a Kevlar® overlay that covers most of the shoulders, arms, legs and crotch for additional environmental protection.  These high wear, heavily used zones are now perfectly protected.


Quality without Compromise

Hand-made in Europe using the best materials and manufacturing processes.  The seams are meticulously sealed by hand using a polyurethane based adhesive which ensures a superior bond and is significantly more durable than conventional seals utilizing tape.


The Perfect Fit

A diagonal front zipper combined with a telescoping torso and our internal waist-adjustment system ensure the perfect fit and allow for independent entry and exit of the suit.  If you don’t fit perfectly into one of our stock sizes, we also offer the option of “Custom Made”; a complete made-to-measure suit.


Integrated XBP Bellows Pockets

The Trilex XD comes standard with two XBP bellows pockets.  These large-volume suit pockets provide the diver with a secure place to store equipment and accessories.  A reinforced rod in the outer pocket cover assures easy location and open and close of the pocket, even when wearing thick gloves.  Integrated bungee tabs allow the diver to attach their equipment and guarantees that everything stays within reach.  An additional internal pocket offers even more storage room and separation for necessary equipment such as ScubaForce wetnotes.


Unique Boot Selection

Select from three different styles of boots at no additional charge.  We offer Dry Boots, Slim Line Boots and Kevlar® reinforced Neoprene Socks with Rock Boots depending on your application or individual preference.  The size of your boot will be customized for the perfect fit.



  • 840 denier Nylon trilaminate
  • Kevlar® overlays protecting the shoulders, arms, legs and crotch
  • Standard sizes: S – XXL (men) and S-L (women)
  • Available “Custom Made”: Fully customized made-to-measure suit
  • Telescoping torso with front zipper and internal waist-adjustment system
  • Zipper guard and large 4mm warm neck collar
  • Internal suspenders
  • XBP bellows pockets with bungee tabs and Velcro fastener
  • Latex wrist and neck seals (neoprene and silicone optional)
  • Apeks swivel inlet & adjustable, automatic exhaust valves
  • Choice of dry zipper: metal or synthetic
  • Kevlar® Protection System
  • Hand glued seams
  • Choice of boots: Dry Boots, Slim Line Boots or Rock Boots with Kevlar® reinforced socks