SF2 ECCR Sidemount

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The SF2 is an exceptional, unique rebreather which is unlike any other unit on the market today. The SF2 is a CE-approved, complete electronic closed-circuit rebreather which is engineered and designed in Germany.

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    Backmount and Sidemount
    Explore the Possibilities

    The SF2 is the only commercially available rebreather which is convertible from backmount to sidemount. A backmount unit can be quickly converted in under 10 minutes into a sidemount unit and vice versa.

    Carbon Fiber Body
    Strong Yet Lightweight Form Factor

    The body of the SF2 is made of rugged aircraft-grade carbon fiber which provides protection from harsh elements and temperatures in a lightweight form factor. With 3L steel tanks and a stainless steel backplate, the ready to dive unit weighs 73 lbs. Only 24.6 lbs in sidemount mode.

    Unique Counter Lungs
    Better Work of Breathing

    Typically, counter lungs on rebreathers are positioned on the chest, above the shoulders or on the back of the diver. However, the counter lung for the SF2 is a single bellows which is located in the lower tube. This leads to an ideal position for the diver in the water and low resistance.

    Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV)
    Simple, Straightfoward System

    The SF2 Rebreather's Stainless Barrel ADV is activated by the bellows depressing a stanless plunger assembly.

    Electronics Chamber
    State of the Art Features

    The electronics chamber is the heart of the SF2: the head includes the oxygen solenoid, O2 sensors and the battery compartment. The oxygen solenoid is made from corrosion resistant materials and manufactured by Jaska. The entire electronics compartment is o-ring sealed and the CANBUS electronics are potted in epoxy resin. This prevents damage to critical systems in the event of water intrusion.

    Shearwater Petrel DiveCAN Controller
    Reliable, Industry-Standard Electronics Controller

    The solenoid is controlled by the Shearwater Petrel DiveCAN. The solenoid is closed at rest and and gas is only injected when energized.

    O2 Sensors
    Improved Reliability of O2 Sensors

    The O2 sensors for the SF2 have gold plated coax style connections, rather than typical Molex-style connections on other rebreathers, and is connected to the circuit board with high-quality SMB angle plugs.

    6 Lb Axial Scrubber Canister
    Max Depth of 100 Meters and Rated Duration of Up to 3.5 Hours

    The scrubber on the SF2 features stainless mesh wagon wheels, spring assembly and threaded rod tightened by a wing nut.

    Example Scrubber duration using Sofnolime 797 or DraegerDivesorb:

    Testing Condition Warm Water Cold Water
    Temperature 59 F (15 C) 46 F (8 C)
    Surface Air Consumption Rate (SAC Rate) 0.7 CuFt/min (20 L/min) 0.7 CuFt/min (20 L/min)
    CO2 Production 0.05 CuFt/min (1.5 L/min) 0.05 CuFt/min (1.5 L/min)
    Max Depth 131 Ft (40 meters) 131 Ft (40 meters)
    Rated Duration 3-3.5 Hours 2-2.5 Hours

    Sleek Form and Compact Installation
    Stunning Design

    The front of the unit has two over-the-shoulder delrin gas blocks with QC4 offboard adapters and slide isolators. The unit also comes with diluent ADV and oxygen solenoid isolators located on the 1st stage ScubaForce regulators. These provide a great deal of flexibility in the event of free flowing gas systems as well as added safety while using hypoxic trimix diluents at shallow depth.