Black Devil 2nd Stage Regulator

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Scubaforce BlackDevil Regulator. Engineered and designed in order to meet the highest demands Quality and comfort that leaves nothing to be desired, even under the toughest conditions. Ideal configuration options, whether Backmount, Sidemount or as Stage Regulator.


Black Devil Regulator 2nd Stage


·         Pneumatically balanced design for superior performance at depth.

·         Diver adjustable control knob for gas flow adjustment.

·         Venturi control assist for excellent work of breathing.

·         Large exhaust valve for minimal exhalation effort.

·         Marine brass, stainless steel spring and pivot lever.

·         Excellent breathing comfort at any depth

·         Color:  Black


Stone Rust Notes:

We're always weary about regulators, especially second stages. Cheap internals, junky body and flimsy materials are pretty common in some regs these days. We were immediately impressed by this reg.  The internals are solidly built, the air barrel is made of the right materials, it breaths very well and the adjustment knob is a nice touch. One thing that we liked, but it's hard to tell from the photos, was the metal construction of the diaphragm bezel.