Ecos +

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Bonex 'Ecos +' Scooter by Subgravity

Burn Time

Cruising Speed:

Up to 200 minutes (3.33 hours)

Top Speed:

Up to 100 minutes (1.66 hours)


"The old adage “Big things come in small packages” could not be more true in the case of the Ecos +.

This handy, lightweight scooter is the ideal companion for any and all types of diving. With its light weight at 32lbs, and comfortable front handle, the Ecos + you will be happy to haul it wherever your adventures take you, through mud, rock, rain, or snow!

The Ecos+ holds a special place in tech divers hearts- popular because of it’s eager willingness to accompany you anywhere, even leading the way down to 200 meters (656 feet!). Dogs may hold the title above the water, but below surface, the title of “mans best friend” belongs to the Ecos +."

Note: Special order only, non-refundable