100 Lbs Lift Bag Orange w/ Pouch

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The quintessential North East wreck divers lift bag. 100lbs allows for lifting of some decent sized artifacts as well as providing a great amount of lift should you use it while tying off as an up line in current, a situation where smaller SMB's can be pulled underwater.

The pouch can easily be mounted beneath or alongside most backplates and rebreather configurations. By leaving the nylon lifting strap hanging out the side of the pouch you can easily pull it out underwater for deployment.

Choosing a lift bag:

When choosing a lift bag you need to consider a few things. Now remember that we're not talking about an SMB (surface marker buoy), also known colloquially as a safety sausage. A general purpose lift bag, especially in the North East Wreck Diving community, should be relatively large but not so large that it becomes an encumbrance to carry. We find that 100lbs is the best balance between the two. 

So why so much weight and why not just a safety sausage? 

It's always a good idea to have an SMB on you. In the event of drift decompression or the event that you should be adrift mid water, an SMB provides a great visual aid for a boat to find you. However, the other option is to shoot a lift bag on a line from the bottom, tie it off to some sort of structure (likely a wreck), and do your ascent along this. This prevents you from drifting away and potentially into a shipping lane or out of an anchored vessels visual range. Unfortunately, currents are often present in ocean diving. These currents have the potential to pull small SMB's underwater along with the diver/s below them. Having a substantial sized lift bag, such as the 100lb lift bag, above you can greatly reduce the chance of this happening.