Shutoff Valve 9/16" -18 M to 9/16" -18M

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Omniswivel Shutoff Valve 9/16" -18 M to 9/16" -18M

Great for use with rebreathers or as an shutoff for bailout regulators to prevent free flow.

Generally this shutoff is used for the purposes of isolating the Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV), Oxygen Solenoid, or manual add valves (MAV) on a rebreather. The benefits of being able to isolate these systems are many. In the event of a free flow divers can easily shut off and isolate gas addition systems and end their dive in a reduced but manageable state. 

The isolation of an ADV is also beneficial during hypoxic trimix rebreather dives where the gas in a diluent cylinder may not be breathable as shallow depths where inadvertently adding it could result in the rebreather diver losing consciousness. 

Having a charged cylinder at all times reduces the need to open valves during rebreather bailouts. However, it is all too common for divers to inadvertantly lose gas from free flowing second stage regulators without even realizing it. Couple this with high flow or scooter diving and you could very easily trickle hundreds of PSI out throughout your dive.

The addition of a slide isolator allows the user to leave the tank valve in the open position. In the event of a bailout the isolator is quickly slid to the open position while the diver deploys the 2nd stage.