rEvo III 2014 Expedition DiveCan HCCR

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rEvo III 2014 Expedition DiveCan HCCR

Modes of Operation Available

Manual Closed Circuit Rebreather (MCCR)- Rated Operational Depth Limit is 260'

  • Utilizes an Constant Mass Flow (CMF) Orifice to continuously add pure Oxygen to your breathing gas. The rate of Oxygen the CMF adds should be about equal to what your body metabolizes at rest, this can be adjusted by the diver. During normal diving activity the rate in which our body uses oxygen will go up and you'll need to manually add it in order to maintain your PPO2 level.  While this might sound like a lot of additional work, the oxygen addition via the CMF makes it so that you generally wont need to manually add oxygen more than every few minutes or so at depth.

Hybrid Closed Circuit Rebreather (HCCR)- Rated Operational Depth Limit is 330' with RMS Solenoid* (260' with non-RMS)

  • This system utilizes the same constant mass flow (CMF) orifice as an MCCR, however, it also adds an automated electronic system of oxygen addition on top of it. This essentially combines the functions of a Manual and Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather into one. Hence the name "Hybrid."

  • There are two ways in which HCCR is generally used:

    • As an ECCR with a CMF: You may decide to set a PPO2 equal to what you will use the majority of the dive and allow the unit to Electronically maintain it. Combining this with the continuous flow of Oxygen from the CMF will generally result in a lower frequency of Oxygen addition by the electronic solenoid system.  Some people enjoy this mode when they know they will have their hands full during the dive (for example a photographer) and would like the rEvo to add oxygen for them. It should be mentioned that this does not mean that you may monitor your PPO2 less than any other system.

    • As a Manual Rebreather with an Electronic "Parachute:" You may decide that you like to run your unit manually. A purely manual unit, however, has the unique concern of being just that, manual. If, for some reason, oxygen levels in your breathing gas become too low, the rebreather will not rectify this and it is completely up to the diver to add oxygen. With a Hybrid unit, however, you may set your PPO2 set point to a lower point that is still within the acceptable oxygen levels yet, lower than what you will manually maintain throughout the dive. Essentially using the automated electronic addition of oxygen as a backup "parachute."

​​Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather (ECCR): Rated Operational Depth Limit is 330'*

  • While there is no electronic only option available for the rEvo, you may at any time decide to use your unit in ECCR mode by simply blocking the CMF orifice using the plug included with your hybrid unit. At this point you may remove the 1ATA cap on your first stage regulator which in turn removes the depth restrictions that are placed on manual and hybrid modes which use a fixed intermediate output pressure on your oxygen side*.

  • *Note: Although the rEvo has been dived much deeper, the unit is officially rated for no greater than 330' for any model according to CE standards.

Dual Scrubber System

rEvo features a unique dual scrubber system. Some advantages of this design include:

  • Lower Profile

    • by essentially cutting a traditional tube style single scrubber in half and turning it, with the flat side towards the divers back, you reduce the overall width of the rebreather by cutting down voids where circular scrubbers meet flat mounting surfaces

  • Reduced Chance of Channeling (CO2 not being removed)

    • By having two scrubbers we reduce the likelihood of mis-packing Two Scrubbers for a dive over a single scrubber

  • Less Wasted CO2 Absorbent

    • By cycling the rEvo split scrubbers over multiple dives (dumping the top scrubber, moving the bottom to the top, and replacing the bottom with a fresh scrubber) you reduce wasted absorbent over single scrubber designs in which you will eventually throw away an unused required portion of the scrubber

  • Fast Scrubber Changing

    • While more a product of the easy drop in scrubber setup, the reasonable price of the rEvo scrubber allows many divers to have a third fully packed scrubber on hand for quick scrubber changing during surface intervals

Scrubber Durations

rEvo Scrubbers in Place

Using Air Diluent/ Max Depth 130'/ Sofnolime 797 (8-12 Grade), (Consuming 1.65l/min O2 and Producing 1.5l/min CO2)

With Axial Scrubber

  • In water warmer than 59°F (15°C)

    • 3Hrs (180 Mins) Per Scrubber Rotation (Removing Top Scrubber and Dumping, Moving Bottom to top. Replacing Bottom with Fresh Scrubber)

    • 4.5Hrs (270 Mins) Using Both Scrubbers (No Cycling and dumping both after use)

  • In water colder than 59°F (15°C)

    • 2 Hrs (120 Mins) Per Scrubber Rotation (Removing Top Scrubber and Dumping, Moving Bottom to top. Replacing Bottom with Fresh Scrubber)

    • 3 Hrs (180 Mins) Using Both Scrubbers (No Cycling and dumping both after use)

With Optional Radial Scrubber

  • In water warmer than 59°F (15°C)

    • 4.5Hrs (279 Mins) Per Scrubber Rotation (Removing Top Scrubber and Dumping, Moving Bottom to top. Replacing Bottom with Fresh Scrubber)

    • 7Hrs (420 Mins) Using Both Scrubbers (No Cycling and dumping both after use)

  • In water colder than 59°F (15°C)

    • 4 Hrs (240 Mins) Per Scrubber Rotation (Removing Top Scrubber and Dumping, Moving Bottom to top. Replacing Bottom with Fresh Scrubber)

    • 6 Hrs (360 Mins) Using Both Scrubbers (No Cycling and dumping both after use)

Split Backplate/ Harness

rEvo Split Backplate

The rEvo comes standard with its own split backplate/harness system. 

The split design of the harness allows for the divers back to be closer to the mounting surface and counterlungs behind them. 

This provides the advantages of:

  • Lower work of breathing due to hydrostatic load

  • Lower profile and streamlining of the unit as a whole

Breathing Hoses (DSV)

rEvo Breathing Hoses

Drager DSV

  • This lightweight and compact DSV provides excellent work of breathing in all conditions and has been used with great success to depths in excess of 600'. It is user serviceable and easily operated by rotating the opening using the selector knob

Drager Mouthpiece Retaining Head Strap

  • The Drager Mouthpiece Retaining Head Strap is meant to keep the mouthpiece in a divers mouth in the event of unconsciousness. It has the added benefit of reducing jaw fatigue while swimming or scootering as well as protecting your lips from those awful jelly fish stings! (trust us on that one)

Loop Hoses

  • Each revo comes with heavy duty corrugated loop hoses, as well as loop hose weights and embroidered rEvo loop hose covers

3 Button Manual Add Valve

rEvo Three Button MAV (Manual Add Valve)

The rEvo 3 Button MAV allows you to manually inject Oxygen or Diluent into your rebreather.

The off-board function also allows you to add gas from a secondary gas source via a Low Pressure Inflator similar to those found on most BC's and Drysuits.

Tank Attachment and Mounts

rEvo Tank Mounts

Each rEvo features a quick lock slide in tank attachment system. This makes installing and removing tanks a breeze. It can accommodate a wide variety of sized and shaped tanks from carbon fiber to steel.

rEvo Quadrolock Accessory Brackets

The rEvo QuadroLock Accessory Mounts allow for sturdy attachment of accessories such as a drysuit inflation bottle or canister light to the sides of the counterlung case.

By simply lifting the quick locking tab and sliding the bracket your accessories are easily removed for cleaning, charging, filling or storage.

rEvo Stainless Handle and Weight Bracket

The rEvo includes a heavy duty stainless steel lifting handle

It also serves the secondary purpose of protecting hoses and wiring connections located at the top of the unit. Especially beneficial in overhead environments such as wrecks or caves!

rEvo Weight Pocket

This rEvo weight pocket fits comfortably at the top of the unit and is capable of holding up to 8lbs for those divers who need a big more weight to get down or help with trim