ScubaForce 32 lbs Black Devil Wing

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ScubaForce 32 lbs Black Devil Wing

ScubaForce 32 lbs Black Devil Wing

SCUBAFORCE Black Devil 32 lbs Mono Wing

This two-shell donut wing with 15 liters lift is constructed

of quality materials and is particularly functional by its

good handling. The all-round zipper allows you to remove

the inside bladder completely. The textile inner bladder is

especially robust and hard-wearing, as well as the outer shell

of ballistic Cordura. The metal inflator in K-shape rounds the

high-quality overall equipment.

The judgment of the magazine Tauchen (issue 9/14): "Hellish

good! With the "Black Devil", SCUBAFORCE has a very good

wing in the program that provides perfect fit and easy in the

handling. Once accustomed to it, you do not want anything