Scubaforce Black Devil 55lb Donut Wing

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Scubaforce Black Devil 55

Perfectly styled Donut Wing

Scubaforce Black Devil 55

SCUBAFORCE Black Devil 55

Perfectly styled donut wing

No air traps, low flow resistance, simple reach from the

dump valve and inflator. The Black Devil 55 leaves no wish

unfulfilled. Best suited for use with large sets of doubles plus

several stages. The SCUBAFORCE Black Devil Donut Wing 55

sets standards in quality and performance.

All components of the SCUBAFORCE Black Devil 55 are made

of the highest quality materials. This starts with the textile

inner bladder, which is very sturdy and incredibly durable.

The outside bladder is made from a ballistic Cordura, which

is equally durable and robust. Rounding out the package is a

high quality metal K-inflator.

The Black Devil 55 is equipped with all components from

the SCUBAFORCE wing series which can be combined

perfectly. This applies to all of the wings from the house of

SCUBAFORCE. We offer perfect modular system according to

individual requirements and needs.